Ubel – Digital Game




Ubel is a mystery/thriller/sci-fi Visual Novel Game. The game follows Player, who wakes up in his cell without his memory. The occasional flashbacks he’s having do more harm than good in the grim state of affairs. The facility contains many rooms filled with puzzles, which he and the others must solve to get more information about their whereabouts.

The gameplay consists of three different elements. In the regular visual novel section, the player reads dialogue and occasionally inputs choices that can change the course of the story. Basically, what you would expect from a visual novel game. But there’s more!

In Ubel, it’s possible to roam around the facility by choosing a direction on the background. What are the others up to? Search for them and talk to them! Events will be triggered when the player finds himself at the right place at the right time. But be careful… Don’t get yourself stuck in a room!

In the escape room section, the player tries to find a way out by exploring and solving a sequence of puzzles and mini games in the room. Hurry up and get out before the voting starts!

A steam key will be send to your mail once the game is released (~december 2022).